Main industries

Clean energy

Andament Group combines green technologies and enables a greener future together with its stakeholders.

Energy and climate policy goals require zero-emission, carbon-free energy solutions. Wind power and solar energy are important parts of these goals, but other solutions are also needed to ensure that the targets are met. The most significant of these is the production of green hydrogen energy.

Suomen Maastorakentajat and Skarta bring extensive expertise to various projects in the energy industry. Our strongest areas of expertise are, for example, projects related to wind power, nuclear power and heating plants.

Clean water

The clean water solutions implemented by Andament Group’s portfolio companies are based on wide experience and diverse expertise.

Water is the most important natural resource globally. Finns have the privilege of really clean water. Finland has long been at the forefront of water technology and sustainable water treatment, and our goal is to keep this position in the future, as well. As the requirements governing water treatment become more stringent, future advanced solutions and technologies will enable, for example, more efficient wastewater treatment. At the same time, the infrastructure used for water treatment will reach the end of its service life. All this creates a need for water engineering know-how.

Suomen Maastorakentajat has more than 30 years of experience in water treatment projects. The company implements projects related to both clean water plants and wastewater treatment plants, from planning to turnkey deliveries. The contracting of water supply lines and pumping stations is also an area of expertise of Niskasen Maansiirto, and WeldOne creates subassemblies in equipment and process deliveries.

Sustainable construction

Emission-free energy production, clean drinking water, clean water bodies and biodiversity are topical issues all over the world. Andament Group responds to the global environmental challenges with its companies’ expertise. By combining the advanced technologies with the companies’ know-how, we ensure sustainable solutions for waterworks, bridges and roads, as well as industrial and special construction. The various biodiversity projects implemented by Andament Group’s portfolio companies are also important, such as the construction of fish ladders.

Urbanisation, global warming, the aging of the current infrastructure and changes in the age distribution of the population are also affecting construction. In this great upheaval, Andament Group’s strengths are sustainable construction solutions and an agile and collaborative approach.

Of the portfolio companies, the wide expertise in special construction of Suomen Maastorakentajat supports the use of clean and energy-efficient solutions in the various phases of projects. In Sweden, Skarta operates projects that enables the industry to develop into carbon neutral. In the measurement technology sector, Nevia uses advanced technology and develops applications that promote the implementation of sustainable construction solutions.


Suomen Maastorakentajat

Suomen Maastorakentajat is known as a builder of demanding projects. Their service offering consists of special construction, waterworks construction, as well as fairway and energy construction. Suomen Maastorakentajat carries out various forms of contracts – always with high quality and as agreed.


Headquartered in Kiruna, Skarta Ab has reached a significant position in the Swedish markets as a construction engineering company. The company’s success is primarily based on high-quality, certified operations and an adaptive organisation.


Nevia improves the efficiency of infrastructure construction by utilising modern technologies in measuring, analysis and research. The company develops intelligent solutions and software to increase work efficiency, ensure quality and improve safety.


WeldOne delivers demanding steel structures of high quality within short deadlines. The company is accustomed to operating in demanding conditions and it develops sustainable solutions for industry and construction needs.


P2X is a producer of green hydrogen and a pioneer in Power-to-X technology in Finland. The company is building an emission-free future by producing green hydrogen and further refining it cost-effectively into synthetic fuels.

Niskasen Maansiirto

In addition to traditional earthworks, Niskasen Maansiirto provides services in water supply projects, such as trench support work and piling. The company has earned its customers trust with its extensive skills and high-quality machinery.