Andament Group’s history began in the 1960s, when Pentti Juola (1944-2013) from Kalajoki, decided to expand his business activities from agriculture to earthworks. He started his business with a bulldozer and grader and soon achieved a reputation as a skilful professional. His children Anna, Jukka, Matti, Maija and Lauri soon found their own places in the family business.

In particular, Pentti, Jukka and Matti showed interest towards developing the business, which later led to many innovations. One great example is the self-made road milling machine, which secured many projects for the family business. Andament Ltd. was founded for road construction in late 1993. The company experienced moderate growth into other construction sectors during the turn of the millennium.

A growing amount of resources enabled the companies to handle bigger projects, which lead to an expansion of business activities. In order to achieve synergy effects, the business grows through company acquisitions and by founding specialized subsidiaries. The Andament Group was founded in 2011 to clarify the structures of ownership. The parent company took responsibility for the groups finance, administration, marketing and communications.

In the 2010’s the growth of the Andament group remains strong. The groups’ most recent growth-news consist of the fusion between Andament Ltd. and Suomen Maastorakentajat, which took place in August 2014. The fusion created a company, which is profiled for demanding construction sites in the infrastructure sector and operates over a wide range radius in Finland. In 2015 Andament Group began to expand in Sweden. From Kiruna, Skarta AB seeks mining and power plant industry contracts in Northern Sweden. Skarta is a subsidiary of Maastorakentajat.

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