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SL Asfaltti Ltd.

SL Asfaltti is one of the largest countrywide companies in the pavement sector in Finland, combining high quality with safety and sustainable development. The company paves all kinds of sites, from driveways to airfields.

Asphalt experts at your service

Founded in 2001, SL Asfaltti’s range of services covers both new pavements and various recycled materials and repair methods. The most important clients include municipalities, cities and ELY Centres with 1–3 large pavement contracts each year. In Kuopio and the North Savo economic areas, SL Asfaltti also serves private customers in the asphalting of yards and driveways.

SL Asfaltti’s competitive advantages include a lean organisation and motivated personnel, combining experienced asphalt workers with newly graduated workers. The company invests heavily in the safety of the asphalt working site, in terms of both the personnel and road users.

Continuous improvement

As the leading Finnish operator in the pavement sector, SL Asfaltti is committed to sustainable development. Many of the machines used in the manufacture and spreading of the recycled pavements are based on the company’s own product development. The more efficiently the old pavement can be used at the site, the more significant are the savings in raw material and transport costs for the customer.

SL Asfaltti has invested a great deal of effort to ensure a high level of quality and to minimise the environmental load. This is guaranteed by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and RALA certificates.

Services provided by SL Asfaltti

  • New pavements
  • Recycled pavements
  • Patching of ruts
  • Asphalting of yards
  • Mass replacement
  • Landscaping

Find out more at SL Asfaltti’s web site