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Skarta Ltd.

Skarta AB is a Swedish subsidiary for Maastorakentajat, supplying Andament Group’s services of challenging infrastructure construction in Sweden to both private customers and public sector.

In the core of large-scale industry

Andament Group began to expand in Sweden in spring 2015. From Kiiruna, Skarta AB seeks mining and power plant industry contracts in Northern Sweden. After gaining a foothold in Sweden, the purpose is to expand into Southern Sweden as well. Several large investments in industry, road system and municipal infrastructure are expected in Northern Sweden over the coming years, so Andament Group wants the local organisation to be ready when these contracts are released.

Skarta’s key personnel in Northern Sweden are long-term construction experts who provide strong regional networks and extensive experience in operations in the challenging conditions of the north.

New special know-how in the Group

Skarta brings more special know-how to the Andament Group on, for example, slip casting and the movement of buildings. There is a high demand for the relocation of buildings in Kiiruna for many future generations, since the entire city must be moved as the mining of iron ore proceeds under the city centre. The project covers a huge amount of demolition work, disassembly, transportation and assembly of buildings, earth construction and pavement work. According to some evaluations, the relocation of the entire city may take as long as 100 years.

Services provided by Skarta

  • Industrial facilities
  • Bridge engineering
  • Wind farm and hydropower infrastructure
  • Mining facilities
  • Earthworks

Find out more at Skarta’s website