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Nevia Ltd.

Nevia makes traffic safer with the help of modern technology: by measuring traffic volumes, analysing traffic jams and investigating the condition of pavements. Moreover, the company develops services and software for intelligent traffic.

Road network expert

Nevia was founded in 2008 to take care of Andament’s intelligent traffic services and measurements. The company has several years of experience of the delivery of road infrastructure services to Finnish Transport Agency, ELY Centres, cities and private customers. Its core competence includes quality control measurements of asphalt pavement, performed with mobile equipment for thousands of kilometres each year. Information on water depths and road surface inclinations help the road keeper to prioritise the repair projects. The measurement business seeks growth through the improvement of one’s own processes and expansion of the market area.

Nevia can also measure the amount of traffic in different portions of road and transport routes for dangerous substances. The company experts use the measurement data to compile illustrative reports to support the traffic designers’ work.

Growth through software development

In recent years, Nevia has invested heavily in service development and has recruited many software and electronics experts, for example. Other applications will be released alongside the flagship product Nevigator, via which the company can utilise its two strengths: agile software development and iron-strong measurement skills. In intelligent traffic services, the company seeks new interesting pilot projects.

Services provided by Nevia

  • Traffic counts
  • Traffic flow measurements
  • Pavement measurements
  • Software
  • Intelligent traffic

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