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Maastorakentajat Ltd.

Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy has profiled as a constructor of demanding sites, whose services expand from road construction to power plants and from bridge projects to industrial construction.

Builder of demanding sites

The more challenging the construction sites are, the better the diversified special know-how of Maastorakentajat can be utilised. Many of the company’s most important construction sites have been located by a water system, amidst heavy traffic or in challenging ground conditions.

The most important reference sites of Maastorakentajat include water supply plants with 18 implementations across Finland. Growth potential can be seen in building of the windpark infrastructure, where the know-how of concrete construction and close co-operation with other Andament Group companies can be fully utilised.

Maastorakentajat is aware of its responsibility for the environment, of the building quality and of the personnel’s work safety. The company also requires the same level of responsibility from its partners.

A strong constructor in Mid-Finland

The present Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy was founded in August 2014, through fusion with Andament Oy. Both companies had over 20 years of experience in challenging civil engineering: Maastorakentajat operated mainly in Central and Eastern Finland, while Andament held a strong position on the West coast. After the fusion, Maastorakentajat was able to seek more challenging construction projects across Finland.

Services provided by Maastorakentajat

  • Water engineering
  • Bridge engineering
  • Water supply plants
  • Industrial and business construction
  • Earth construction and infrastructure
  • Power plants
  • Wind farms
  • Improvement of road structure
  • Rail construction
  • Environmental construction

Find out more at Maastorakentajat’s website.